How Big is the LG G3? Revealing Dimensions and Size of this Impressive Smartphone

The LG G3 has made waves in the smartphone market with its impressive features and sleek design. However, one important aspect that often goes overlooked is its size. In this article, we will reveal the dimensions and size of the LG G3, providing readers with a better understanding of just how big this impressive smartphone truly is.

Overview Of The LG G3’s Sleek And Compact Design:

The LG G3 is renowned for its sleek and compact design, making it a visually appealing and highly functional smartphone. With its slim profile and rounded edges, the device offers a comfortable grip and a premium feel. The dimensions of the LG G3 measure 146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9 mm, making it neither too large nor too small. It strikes a perfect balance between portability and a captivating visual experience.

Additionally, the device weighs only 149 grams, making it lightweight and easy to carry around. The build quality is impressive, with a metallic finish that adds to its premium look. The LG G3 is available in various color options, allowing users to choose a style that suits their preference. Its sleek design is complemented by an intuitive button placement that enhances ease of use.

Overall, the LG G3’s sleek and compact design makes it an attractive choice for those who value both style and functionality in a smartphone. Whether you’re using it for work or entertainment, the LG G3 offers a visually pleasing and ergonomic design that enhances the overall user experience.

Exploring The Dimensions And Weight Of The LG G3

The LG G3 is known for its impressive dimensions, offering a sleek and compact design that is highly appreciated by smartphone enthusiasts. Measuring at 146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9 mm (5.76 x 2.94 x 0.35 inches), this device strikes a perfect balance between portability and functionality. With its slim profile, it easily fits into pockets or bags without causing any inconvenience.

In terms of weight, the LG G3 is relatively light, weighing only 149 grams (5.26 ounces). This makes it comfortable to hold for extended periods, reducing strain on the hands and wrists.

The dimensions and weight of the LG G3 contribute to its overall user experience. Its compact size allows for easy one-handed operation, while the lightweight design ensures comfort during prolonged usage. Additionally, the slim bezels surrounding the display maximize the screen-to-body ratio, providing users with a larger viewing area in a relatively smaller form factor.

Overall, the LG G3’s dimensions and weight make it a highly attractive option for those seeking a smartphone that is both visually appealing and practical in terms of size and portability.

A Closer Look At The Stunning Display Size And Resolution

The LG G3 boasts a magnificent display that captivates users with its impressive size and resolution. With a 5.5-inch screen, the smartphone offers a perfect balance between usability and immersive visual experience. The display is not too big to handle comfortably, yet it is large enough to provide a truly cinematic experience while watching videos or playing games.

In addition to its generous size, the LG G3’s display also impresses with its resolution. The smartphone features a Quad HD display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. This stunning resolution ensures that every detail on the screen is rendered with utmost clarity, resulting in vibrant colors and sharp images. Whether you are browsing the web, viewing photos, or reading text, every element on the screen appears incredibly crisp and lifelike.

Furthermore, the LG G3’s display also incorporates advanced technologies such as IPS (In-Plane Switching) and True-to-Life colors, which enhance the overall viewing experience. IPS technology ensures wide viewing angles, allowing you to enjoy the same stunning visuals from any angle without any loss of quality. Meanwhile, True-to-Life colors deliver accurate and realistic colors, making everything on the screen appear vivid and true to life.

In conclusion, the LG G3’s display size and resolution are undoubtedly remarkable. The spacious 5.5-inch screen combined with the Quad HD resolution delivers an immersive visual experience that truly stands out. Whether for multimedia consumption or everyday tasks, the LG G3’s display is sure to impress users with its stunning size and resolution.

Unveiling The Slim Bezels And High Screen-to-body Ratio Of The LG G3

The LG G3 boasts an impressive screen-to-body ratio that sets it apart from its competitors. With slim bezels surrounding its 5.5-inch display, the phone maximizes screen real estate without increasing its overall dimensions. This innovative design allows users to enjoy a more immersive visual experience.

The slim bezels not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the LG G3 but also contribute to its ergonomic fit in the hand. With smaller bezels, the phone is more comfortable to hold and operate. Users can easily navigate the screen with their thumb, thanks to the optimized placement of essential controls.

Furthermore, the slim bezels make the LG G3 look and feel slimmer and more compact. This design choice is in line with the trend of thinner and sleeker smartphones. The phone easily fits into pockets and bags without causing any bulkiness or discomfort.

Overall, the LG G3’s slim bezels and high screen-to-body ratio ensure that users get the most out of its large display while still enjoying a compact and ergonomic device.

Examining The Design Considerations That Contribute To The LG G3’s Ergonomic Fit

The LG G3’s ergonomic fit is a result of careful design considerations that prioritize user comfort and usability. With its rounded edges and slim profile, this smartphone fits comfortably in the hand, allowing for easy one-handed use.

The placement of buttons and controls on the LG G3 is also designed to enhance ergonomics. The power and volume buttons are intuitively placed on the rear of the device, where the user’s index finger naturally rests. This design feature not only adds to the sleek and uncluttered look of the smartphone but also ensures easy access to these essential controls.

Additionally, the LG G3’s rear-mounted buttons have a textured surface, providing a tactile feel that helps users locate and press them without needing to look at the device. This design element adds to the overall usability and convenience of the smartphone.

Overall, the LG G3’s ergonomic fit sets it apart from other smartphones on the market. It combines a sleek and compact design with thoughtful features to ensure a comfortable and user-friendly experience. Whether you are scrolling through content or taking photos, the LG G3 is designed to fit perfectly in your hand.

Comparing The LG G3’s Size To Other Popular Smartphones On The Market

In this subheading, we will compare the size of the LG G3 with other popular smartphones available in the market. The LG G3 measures 146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9 mm (5.76 x 2.94 x 0.35 in) and weighs 149 g (5.26 oz).

When compared to its competitors, the LG G3 falls into the larger side of the spectrum. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S5 measures 142 x 72.5 x 8.1 mm (5.59 x 2.85 x 0.32 in) and weighs 145 g (5.11 oz), making it slightly smaller and lighter than the LG G3. On the other hand, the iPhone 6 measures 138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm (5.44 x 2.64 x 0.27 in) and weighs 129 g (4.55 oz), making it considerably smaller and lighter than the LG G3.

However, despite being larger in size, the LG G3 offers several advantages. Its larger display size of 5.5 inches provides a more immersive visual experience compared to its competitors. Additionally, the LG G3’s slim bezels and high screen-to-body ratio make it feel more compact and easier to handle than it might appear at first glance.

Overall, while the LG G3 may be bigger than some popular smartphones on the market, it strikes a balance between its size and the captivating visual experience it provides.

Evaluating The Ease Of Handling And Pocketability Of The LG G3

When it comes to smartphones, size plays a crucial role in determining how easily they can be handled and carried in our pockets. In the case of the LG G3, its dimensions make it incredibly manageable and pocket-friendly. With a height of 146.3mm, a width of 74.6mm, and a thickness of 8.9mm, the LG G3 strikes the perfect balance between a large display and comfortable usability.

The slim bezels and high screen-to-body ratio of the LG G3 also contribute to its excellent handling experience. The minimal bezels surrounding the 5.5-inch QHD display ensure that the device remains compact despite its large screen size. This design choice allows users to easily reach all corners of the screen with just one hand, enhancing the overall usability of the device.

Additionally, the LG G3’s lightweight construction further improves its handling experience. Weighing in at just 149 grams, it is significantly lighter than many other smartphones on the market. This decrease in weight adds to the device’s comfortability and ease of use, making it a joy to handle throughout the day.

Overall, the LG G3’s size and dimensions make it an exceptionally user-friendly smartphone that can easily fit into pockets and be operated with one hand. Its compact design ensures that users can enjoy the benefits of a large display without sacrificing comfort or portability.

Conclusion: The LG G3’s Size And Dimensions Offer A Perfect Balance Between Portability And A Captivating Visual Experience.

The LG G3 is a smartphone that strikes the perfect balance between portability and an immersive visual experience. With its sleek and compact design, this device offers a comfortable grip and easy handling.

Measuring at 146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9 mm (5.76 x 2.94 x 0.35 in) and weighing just 149 grams (5.26 oz), the LG G3 is remarkably lightweight considering its large display. Speaking of which, the stunning 5.5-inch Quad HD display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels delivers exceptional clarity and vibrant colors, making it perfect for watching videos, gaming, or browsing the web.

One of the standout features of the LG G3 is its slim bezels, which allow for a high screen-to-body ratio and a more immersive viewing experience. The minimal bezels contribute to the overall compactness of the device, making it pocket-friendly.

When compared to other popular smartphones on the market, the LG G3 stands out for its ergonomic fit and ease of handling. The dimensions of the device make it easy to navigate with one hand, ensuring convenience for users on the go.

In conclusion, the LG G3 offers a perfect balance between portability and a captivating visual experience. Its compact size, comfortable grip, and stunning display make it an impressive smartphone choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the dimensions of the LG G3?

The LG G3 measures approximately 146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9 mm (5.76 x 2.94 x 0.35 inches) in height, width, and thickness, making it a relatively compact and slim smartphone.

2. How does the size of the LG G3 compare to other smartphones?

In terms of size, the LG G3 falls in the middle range compared to other smartphones on the market. While it is not as compact as some smaller models, it still manages to offer a large display without feeling bulky.

3. Is the LG G3 easy to handle and hold?

Despite having a slightly larger size, the LG G3 is designed ergonomically to ensure a comfortable grip. Its slim profile and rounded edges make it easy to hold, allowing users to navigate the device with one hand comfortably.


In conclusion, the LG G3 proves to be an impressive smartphone with its sleek design and impressive dimensions. With a screen size of 5.5 inches, it strikes a perfect balance between being large enough for easy viewing and compact enough for convenient handling. The slim bezels and curved edges further enhance its overall aesthetics and ergonomics. Overall, the LG G3 stands out as a powerful and well-designed smartphone that offers a satisfying user experience in terms of size and dimensions.

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