How to Connect My Onn Soundbar to Speakers: A Helpful Guide

In today’s world of advanced technology, soundbars have become a popular choice for enhancing audio experiences while watching movies, listening to music, or playing games. One such soundbar that has gained traction among audio enthusiasts is the Onn Soundbar. However, users often face a common challenge of connecting their Onn Soundbar to external speakers to further amplify and surround their sound. In this helpful guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of connecting your Onn Soundbar to speakers, ensuring an optimal audio experience and immersing you in a world of rich sound.

Understanding The Connectivity Options Of The Onn Soundbar

The Onn Soundbar offers various connectivity options to enhance your audio experience. To fully utilize its features, it’s important to understand the connectivity options it provides.

The Onn Soundbar comes equipped with different ports such as HDMI, optical, and AUX, allowing you to connect it to a wide range of devices. HDMI ports are commonly found on televisions and computers, enabling you to establish a direct connection between the soundbar and the device. Optical ports, on the other hand, transmit audio signals in a digital format, providing a higher quality sound experience. Finally, the AUX port allows you to connect the soundbar to devices that lack HDMI or optical ports, such as older televisions or music players.

By familiarizing yourself with these connectivity options, you can easily connect the Onn Soundbar to your desired device. Whether you’re connecting it to your television, computer, smartphone, or gaming console, understanding these options will ensure a seamless audio experience.

Connecting The Onn Soundbar To A Television Or A Computer

Connecting your Onn Soundbar to a television or a computer is a straightforward process that allows you to enjoy high-quality audio while watching your favorite shows or movies. To begin, ensure that both your soundbar and the device you want to connect it to are turned off.

For connecting to a television, you have several options. If your TV has an HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) port, it is the most convenient method. Simply connect an HDMI cable from the ARC port on your TV to the ARC port on your soundbar. Turn on both the soundbar and the television, and select the appropriate input mode on the soundbar.

If your TV does not have an ARC port, you can use an optical cable. Connect one end of the cable to the optical audio output on your TV and the other end to the optical input on your soundbar. Again, power on both devices and select the optical input on the soundbar.

To connect the soundbar to a computer, you can use either an HDMI or a 3.5mm audio cable. If your computer has an HDMI output, connect an HDMI cable from the computer to the soundbar. Alternatively, you can use a 3.5mm audio cable to connect the computer’s headphone jack to the soundbar’s audio input.

Once connected, adjust the soundbar’s volume and any other settings as needed. Enjoy the enhanced audio experience provided by your Onn Soundbar.

Steps To Wirelessly Connect The Onn Soundbar To Bluetooth Devices

Wirelessly connecting your Onn Soundbar to Bluetooth devices is a convenient and hassle-free way to enjoy your favorite music or watch movies with immersive sound. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Turn on your Onn Soundbar and ensure that it is in Bluetooth mode. You can usually do this by pressing the Bluetooth button on the soundbar remote.

2. Enable the Bluetooth function on your desired device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Head to the settings or control panel of your device and locate the Bluetooth section.

3. In the Bluetooth settings, your Onn Soundbar should appear as an available device to pair with. Select it to establish the connection.

4. Once selected, a pairing code may appear on your device’s screen or the soundbar’s display. Confirm the pairing by entering the code on your device or pressing the appropriate button on the soundbar remote.

5. After a successful pairing, your device will be connected to the Onn Soundbar wirelessly. You can now play your favorite music or stream audio from apps and enjoy it through the soundbar’s high-quality speakers.

Remember, the specific steps may vary slightly depending on the device you are connecting to the soundbar. However, the general procedure remains the same. Enjoy the freedom of wireless connectivity with your Onn Soundbar and enhance your audio experience.

Utilizing HDMI Or Optical Cables To Connect The Onn Soundbar To Multiple Speakers

In this section, we will discuss how to connect the Onn Soundbar to multiple speakers using HDMI or optical cables. This method allows you to create a surround sound experience and enhance your audio setup.

To begin, ensure that you have the necessary HDMI or optical cables and that all your speakers are compatible with these connection types.

Next, locate the HDMI or optical output ports on your soundbar and the corresponding input ports on your speakers. Connect one end of the cable to the soundbar and the other end to the speakers.

Once all the cables are connected, power on your soundbar and speakers. Use the soundbar remote or control panel to select the input source for the connected speakers. The soundbar should automatically recognize the additional speakers and configure the audio output accordingly.

It’s important to make sure that all the speakers are positioned correctly to create an immersive sound experience. Experiment with speaker placement and adjust settings on the soundbar to optimize the audio quality.

By utilizing HDMI or optical cables to connect the Onn Soundbar to multiple speakers, you can enjoy a more immersive audio experience and elevate your home theater setup.

Troubleshooting Common Issues When Connecting the Onn Soundbar to Speakers

When setting up your Onn Soundbar, you may encounter some common issues while trying to connect it to your speakers. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you resolve these problems:

1. Check Connections: Ensure that all cables are securely connected to the correct ports on both the soundbar and the speakers. Loose or incorrect connections can result in no sound or poor audio quality.

2. Verify Compatibility: Confirm that the Onn Soundbar and your speakers are compatible with each other. Check the soundbar’s user manual or official website for a list of supported speakers or recommended audio systems.

3. Adjust Audio Settings: Access the soundbar’s settings menu and ensure that the audio output mode is correctly configured for the speakers. Select the appropriate audio settings, such as stereo or surround sound, to match your speaker setup.

4. Update Firmware: Update the firmware of your soundbar to the latest version, as newer updates often include bug fixes and compatibility improvements. Refer to the user manual or Onn’s website for instructions on updating the firmware.

5. Power Cycle: If you’re still experiencing issues, try power cycling both the soundbar and the speakers. Turn off all devices, disconnect them from the power source, wait for a few minutes, and then reconnect and power them back on. This can help reset any temporary software glitches.

If these troubleshooting steps don’t resolve your issues, it may be advisable to contact Onn’s customer support for further assistance.

**6. Enhancing Sound Quality by Adjusting Settings on the Onn Soundbar**

Enhancing the sound quality of your Onn Soundbar is crucial to creating an immersive audio experience. By adjusting the settings on your soundbar, you can fine-tune the audio output according to your preferences.

To begin, locate the settings menu on your Onn Soundbar. This can usually be accessed through a dedicated button on the remote control or through the soundbar’s interface. Once you have accessed the settings menu, you will find several options to enhance the sound quality.

Firstly, you can adjust the equalizer settings. This allows you to boost certain frequencies such as bass or treble, to create a more balanced sound. Experiment with different settings to find the one that suits your preferences and the type of content you are watching or listening to.

Additionally, some Onn Soundbars offer features like virtual surround sound. This simulates the experience of having multiple speakers placed around the room, enhancing the spatial audio effect. Enable this feature if available to create a more immersive cinematic experience.

Finally, consider adjusting the soundbar’s volume leveling or dynamic range compression settings. These features help to balance the audio levels, ensuring that soft sounds are clearer and loud sounds are not excessively jarring.

Take the time to experiment with different settings and find the combination that enhances your listening experience. Remember to refer to the soundbar’s user manual for specific instructions on adjusting settings as they may vary depending on the model.

Exploring Additional Features And Customization Options For The Onn Soundbar

The Onn Soundbar offers a range of additional features and customization options to enhance your audio experience. Here are some exciting features to explore:

1. Sound Modes: The Onn Soundbar typically offers different sound modes to suit your preferences. These modes include cinema, music, sports, and more, allowing you to optimize audio settings according to the content you are watching.

2. Equalizer Settings: Most Onn Soundbars come with equalizer settings that let you adjust specific audio frequencies. By tweaking these settings, you can personalize the sound output to match your liking.

3. LED Lighting Effects: Some models of the Onn Soundbar feature built-in LED lights that sync with the music or audio playing. This creates a vibrant and engaging visual display, enhancing your overall listening experience.

4. Voice Control: Check if your Onn Soundbar supports voice control. If it does, you can connect it to virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for hands-free operation. Enjoy controlling your soundbar with simple voice commands.

5. Remote Control App: Look for a dedicated app for your Onn Soundbar that allows you to control it directly from your smartphone. These apps often provide additional customization options and the convenience of controlling your soundbar from anywhere in the room.

Exploring these additional features and customization options allows you to make the most out of your Onn Soundbar and enjoy a personalized and immersive audio experience.


1. How do I connect my Onn soundbar to speakers?

To connect your Onn soundbar to speakers, you can use either a wired or wireless connection. For a wired connection, use an audio cable to connect the soundbar’s audio output to the audio input of the speakers. For a wireless connection, enable the Bluetooth feature on both the soundbar and the speakers, and pair them together.

2. Can I connect my Onn soundbar to multiple speakers?

Yes, you can connect your Onn soundbar to multiple speakers. If your soundbar has multiple audio output ports, you can use additional audio cables to connect it to multiple speakers. If your soundbar supports Bluetooth, you can also pair it with multiple Bluetooth speakers to create a surround sound system.

3. How do I troubleshoot sound connectivity issues between my Onn soundbar and speakers?

If you are experiencing sound connectivity issues between your Onn soundbar and speakers, try the following troubleshooting steps:
– Ensure that the soundbar and speakers are properly connected or paired.
– Make sure that the volume on the soundbar and speakers is turned up and not muted.
– Check if there are any obstacles or interference between the soundbar and the speakers that may weaken the signal.
– Restart both the soundbar and the speakers.
– If using a wired connection, check the cables for any damages or loose connections.

4. Can I connect my Onn soundbar to other brand speakers?

Yes, you can connect your Onn soundbar to other brand speakers. As long as the speakers have compatible audio inputs (such as AUX or RCA), you can use cables to connect them to the soundbar. Additionally, if both the soundbar and the other brand speakers support Bluetooth, you can pair them wirelessly. However, keep in mind that the compatibility and audio quality may vary depending on the devices being used.


In conclusion, connecting your Onn soundbar to speakers is a straightforward process that can greatly enhance your audio experience. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can seamlessly integrate your soundbar with external speakers and enjoy a more immersive sound quality. Whether you are using a wired or wireless connection, it is important to ensure compatibility and adjust the settings accordingly. With the proper setup, you can enjoy your favorite movies, music, and games with enhanced audio clarity and depth.

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