How to Force a DVD Player to Open: Easy Tips and Tricks

In today’s digital age, DVD players may seem outdated, but they still serve a purpose for many individuals who enjoy watching movies or have a collection of discs. However, there are times when these devices can become unresponsive, leaving users frustrated and wondering how to force a DVD player to open. In this article, we will explore some easy tips and tricks that can help you resolve this issue and get your DVD player up and running again.

Resetting The DVD Player

Resetting the DVD player is often the first step in troubleshooting any issues, including a DVD player that won’t open. To reset the player, locate the power button on the front panel or the remote control and press and hold it for about 10-15 seconds. This will force the player to shut down and reset its internal system.

Resetting the DVD player can help resolve minor software glitches that may be causing it to malfunction. Once the reset is complete, turn on the player again and try opening the tray. If the reset worked, the tray should now open without any issues.

Keep in mind that resetting the DVD player may vary depending on the make and model, so refer to the user manual for specific instructions. In some cases, the reset button may be located on the bottom or the back panel of the player, so make sure to thoroughly check the device for any hidden buttons or switches.

If resetting the DVD player didn’t solve the problem, there are other methods you can try to force the tray open.

Using The Manual Eject Button

If your DVD player is not responding to the regular eject button, you can try using the manual eject button to force it open. This method is effective for most DVD players, regardless of the brand or model.

To locate the manual eject button, look for a small hole on the front panel of the DVD player. The hole is usually labeled “Eject” or “Emergency Eject.” Once you find it, straighten a paper clip or safety pin and insert it gently into the hole. Push it in until you feel resistance, and then apply a little pressure to release the tray.

Remember to turn off the DVD player before attempting this method to avoid any potential hazards. Also, be careful not to apply excessive force or damage the delicate internal components. If the tray fails to open using the manual eject button, it may be a sign of a more severe issue that requires professional assistance.

Employing A Paper Clip Or Safety Pin

When your DVD player refuses to open and you’re looking for a simple and effective solution, employing a paper clip or safety pin can be your go-to method. This quick fix is ideal if you don’t have access to the manual eject button or if your DVD player doesn’t have one.

To begin, straighten the paper clip or safety pin, ensuring it is long enough to reach the DVD player’s manual release hole. Locate the small hole, typically located near the DVD tray. Gently insert the paper clip or safety pin into the hole until you feel slight resistance. Apply a small amount of pressure, and the DVD tray should start to open.

Remember to be cautious while inserting the paper clip or safety pin to avoid damaging internal components. If enough resistance is encountered or the tray fails to open, do not force it. Instead, consider trying another method or seeking professional help.

Employing a paper clip or safety pin to manually open your DVD player can be a quick, easy, and effective solution when faced with an unresponsive tray.

Trying Different Button Combinations

When your DVD player refuses to open, it can be frustrating. However, before seeking professional help or taking any drastic measures, you can try different button combinations to force it to open. These combinations might vary depending on the make and model of your DVD player, but the following steps are commonly effective:

1. Press and hold the “Stop” or “Eject” button: By pressing and holding either of these buttons for about 5-10 seconds, you might be able to force the DVD player to open.

2. Simultaneously press “Play” and “Eject” buttons: In some cases, pressing both the “Play” and “Eject” buttons together can trigger the DVD player to open.

3. Use the “Open/Close” button multiple times: Rapidly pressing the “Open/Close” button multiple times in quick succession can sometimes override any blockages or malfunctions and force the DVD player to open.

Remember to be patient and try these combinations a few times if they don’t work initially. If your DVD player still doesn’t open after attempting different button combinations, you may need to explore other options or consult a professional.

Troubleshooting With The Power Cable

If your DVD player is not opening and none of the conventional methods seem to work, troubleshooting with the power cable may be your last resort. This technique involves manipulating the power supply to override any potential software or hardware glitches that may be causing the player to malfunction.

First, make sure the DVD player is powered off and disconnected from any power sources. Then, locate the power cable that connects the player to the electrical outlet or power strip. Unplug the power cable from both ends.

Allow a few minutes for any residual electricity to dissipate, and then plug the power cable back into the outlet or power strip. Ensure it is properly connected on both ends, and then turn the DVD player back on.

While this method may seem simple, it has been known to resolve issues with DVD players that are not responding to other troubleshooting techniques. If your DVD player still does not open after performing this step, it may be time to consider seeking professional help.

Using A Disc Cleaning Kit

Using a Disc Cleaning Kit is an effective method to force a DVD player to open if it is not responding to other techniques. Over time, the DVD player’s lens can get dirty due to dust, fingerprints, or smudges, resulting in playback issues and difficulty opening the tray.

To clean the DVD player, you will need a disc cleaning kit that contains a cleaning solution, a disc with brushes or pads, and sometimes a special cleaning cloth. Start by opening the cleaning solution and applying a small amount of it onto the provided cleaning disc. Insert the cleaning disc into the DVD player and follow the instructions provided with the kit to start the cleaning process.

The cleaning disc will spin inside the player and the brushes or pads will remove any dirt or debris from the lens. This helps improve the player’s overall performance and might also resolve the issue of the DVD player not opening. After completing the cleaning process, remove the cleaning disc and try opening the DVD player again.

Regularly using a disc cleaning kit can also prevent future issues by keeping the DVD player’s lens clean and maintaining optimal playback quality.

Seeking Professional Help

Many times, trying all the DIY tricks may not work, and in such cases, seeking professional help is the best option. When all other methods fail, it is time to take your DVD player to a professional technician who specializes in electronic repairs.

A professional technician has the necessary tools and expertise to fix complex issues that may be causing your DVD player to not open. They can diagnose the problem accurately and offer the most suitable solution. They may also have access to spare parts that need replacement.

Before taking your DVD player to a professional, ensure that you research and choose a reputable repair service. Read reviews, ask for recommendations, and compare prices to select the best option. It is also advisable to inquire about any warranty or guarantee offered by the repair service.

Remember, seeking professional help may incur additional costs, but it can save you from further damage and ensure a proper fix for your DVD player.

Preventive Measures For Future Issues

Brief: Preventive measures can help avoid future issues with your DVD player, saving you time and frustration. Here are some easy steps you can take to keep your DVD player working smoothly:

1. Avoid inserting damaged or scratched discs: Discs with scratches or damage can cause the DVD player to have trouble reading or ejecting them. Always inspect discs for any visible damage before inserting them into the player.

2. Keep the DVD player clean: Dust and dirt can accumulate on the player’s internal components, which may affect its performance. Regularly clean the exterior of the DVD player using a soft cloth, and use a DVD lens cleaner to remove dust from the laser lens.

3. Handle the player with care: Rough handling or dropping the DVD player can cause internal damage. Always handle it gently and place it on a stable surface to avoid any accidental falls.

4. Avoid exposing the player to extreme temperatures: Extreme heat or cold can damage the internal components of the DVD player. Keep it in a well-ventilated area and avoid placing it near sources of heat or cold, such as radiators or air conditioning units.

By following these preventive measures, you can prolong the lifespan of your DVD player and reduce the chances of encountering future issues.


1. How can I force my DVD player to open when it’s stuck?

If your DVD player is not responding or seems stuck, there are a few methods you can try to force it to open. First, make sure it’s not powered on or plugged in. Then, locate a small pinhole near the DVD tray and insert a straightened paperclip or a similar thin object into it. Apply a gentle, steady pressure, and the tray should release, allowing you to manually open it.

2. Is there another way to force open a DVD player that doesn’t have a pinhole?

If your DVD player doesn’t have a pinhole, there’s still no need to worry. You can try gently tapping the top or sides of the player to see if that helps loosen the jammed components. Additionally, you may want to consider unplugging the player, waiting a few minutes, and then plugging it back in. Sometimes, a simple power cycle can resolve minor issues and allow the DVD tray to open normally.

3. My DVD player’s tray partially opens but gets stuck. What should I do?

If your DVD player’s tray only partially opens and then stops, it could be due to a mechanical problem. In such cases, it’s best not to force it open further as it may cause damage. Instead, try using compressed air to blow out any dust or debris that might be obstructing the tray’s movement. If that doesn’t work, you might consider seeking professional assistance to avoid causing further damage to the player.


In conclusion, these easy tips and tricks provided an effective solution for forcing a DVD player to open when encountering stubborn discs or mechanical issues. By utilizing a combination of techniques such as applying gentle force, using alternative tools, or accessing the emergency eject option, users can successfully open their DVD players without causing any damage to the device.

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