How Do I Make My Harvest Box Bigger in MHW: A Quick Guide

In Monster Hunter World, the Harvest Box is an essential tool for collecting various resources during expeditions. However, as you progress through the game, you might find that the default size of the Harvest Box is limiting your resource gathering capabilities. If you’re wondering how you can expand the capacity of your Harvest Box to accommodate more items, this quick guide will provide you with the necessary steps and tips to make it bigger, allowing for a more efficient resource management system in your adventures.

Understanding The Harvest Box In MHW

The Harvest Box is an essential feature in Monster Hunter World that allows players to store and manage their gathered resources from expeditions and quests. Understanding how the Harvest Box works is crucial for maximizing its potential.

The Harvest Box starts with a limited number of slots, which can be expanded by unlocking additional slots. By doing so, players can increase the storage capacity of the Harvest Box, allowing them to gather more resources before needing to return to Astera.

To unlock additional slots in the Harvest Box, players must progress through the game and complete certain objectives. These objectives can include reaching specific Hunter Rank thresholds, completing certain story quests, or even participating in specific events. It is important to keep an eye out for these opportunities and prioritize unlocking additional slots to maximize your Harvest Box’s capacity.

Once you have unlocked additional slots, it’s important to maximize the storage capacity of the Harvest Box by utilizing efficient farming techniques. This includes using the Botanical Research Center to grow specific types of plants and harvesting them regularly, as well as utilizing fertilizers and fertilizing techniques to improve the quality and yield of your harvests. By effectively managing your resources and employing these strategies, you can optimize your Harvest Box in Monster Hunter World and ensure you always have an abundant supply of valuable items.

Unlocking Additional Slots In The Harvest Box

To maximize your storage capacity in the Harvest Box, you need to unlock additional slots. This will allow you to store more items and resources for your future endeavors. Unlocking these slots is a straightforward process that can be accomplished by progressing through the game and completing specific quests.

One way to unlock additional slots is by reaching certain milestones in the main story quests. As you progress through the story, you will unlock new facilities and features, including the ability to expand your Harvest Box. Keep completing quests and advancing in the main story to unlock more slots.

Additionally, you can unlock slots by completing optional side quests and deliveries. These quests may require you to gather specific resources or defeat certain monsters. Take on these tasks whenever they become available, as they often reward you with new facilities or upgrades for your Harvest Box.

Remember to regularly check with the Botanist, who manages the Harvest Box. They will inform you of any new upgrades or slots that have become available for unlocking. By continuously expanding your Harvest Box, you’ll have more space to store valuable resources and reap the benefits of a bountiful harvest.

Subheading: 3. Maximizing the storage capacity of the Harvest Box

In Monster Hunter World, having a larger storage capacity in your Harvest Box can greatly benefit your hunting endeavors. By maximizing the storage capacity of your Harvest Box, you can stockpile more items and resources, ensuring that you never run out of essential supplies during your quests.

To increase the size of your Harvest Box, you will need to complete several key tasks. First, focus on completing optional quests that specifically reward you with Harvest Box upgrades. These quests are often given by the Botanical Research Center in Astera or the Seliana Supply Cache in Seliana. By actively completing these quests, you can steadily expand your Harvest Box to its maximum capacity.

Additionally, unlocking Lynian Researcher outposts in each region will also grant you Harvest Box upgrades. These outposts allow you to cultivate items in different areas of the game, further increasing your storage potential.

Finally, utilize the Argosy and Steamworks facilities in your respective hubs. Sending them out on trade requests and activating the bonus rewards will occasionally grant you additional Harvest Box upgrades.

By prioritizing these tasks and completing the necessary quests, you can steadily expand your Harvest Box’s capacity, ensuring that you always have an abundant supply of resources for your hunts.

Farming Techniques To Increase The Amount Of Items In The Harvest Box

This subheading focuses on various farming techniques that players can implement in order to increase the amount of items they obtain in their Harvest Box in Monster Hunter World (MHW).

One effective technique is to focus on cultivating high-yield crops, such as herbs or honey, which can yield more items per slot in the Harvest Box. These valuable resources can be used for crafting various items and are always in high demand.

Another technique is to use the Botanical Research Center efficiently. By assigning the center’s researchers to cultivate different types of items simultaneously, players can increase the variety and quantity of items that will be ready for harvesting.

Additionally, players should prioritize capturing small creatures instead of killing them. Captured creatures can be placed in the Ecological Research Center, which will provide additional resources and items over time.

Players should also consider using fertilizers to boost crop growth. By applying specific fertilizers, such as Catalysts, players can significantly increase the yield of their crops.

By implementing these farming techniques, players can effectively increase the amount of items in their Harvest Box, allowing them to have a more abundant supply of crucial resources in MHW.

Fertilizing Techniques For Better Harvests

Fertilizing your crops in Monster Hunter World is essential for maximizing the yield in your Harvest Box. By understanding the different types of fertilizers and mastering the techniques involved, you can greatly enhance your farming capabilities.

There are various fertilizers available in the game, each offering different benefits to your crops. Bio-fertilizer increases the number of items obtained, bug-repellant fertilizer reduces the chances of bugs infesting your crops, and catalyst fertilizer accelerates the growth process. It’s important to choose the right type of fertilizer depending on your farming goals.

To effectively utilize fertilizers, consider the timing and frequency of their application. Applying fertilizer at the right time during the crop’s growth cycle can significantly boost its productivity. Additionally, regularly fertilizing your crops ensures sustained growth and a continuous supply of materials.

Experimenting with different fertilizing techniques is also beneficial. Techniques such as layering fertilizers, using multiple types of fertilizers simultaneously, or even customizing the ratios of different fertilizers can yield unique results.

By incorporating these fertilizing techniques into your farming routine, you can reap larger and more valuable harvests, filling your Harvest Box with a bountiful assortment of resources for your adventures in Monster Hunter World.

Managing Your Resources Efficiently In The Harvest Box

Resource management plays a crucial role in Monster Hunter World. Efficiently managing the resources in your Harvest Box can significantly impact your progress in the game. Here are some strategies to help you maximize your resource efficiency:

1. Prioritize high-value items: Focus on cultivating and storing high-value resources such as Honey, Herbs, and Nitroshrooms. These items are essential for crafting potent consumables like Mega Potions or Max Potions.

2. Regularly check your Harvest Box: Keep a close eye on the contents of your Harvest Box. Remove low-value items or duplicates to make space for more precious resources. This will help prevent your box from filling up quickly.

3. Optimize fertilizing schedule: Utilize certain fertilizers to enhance the efficiency of your cultivation. Fertilizers like Catalyst and Growth Up enhance yield, while Humus and Soft Soil prolong the duration of fertilization. Experiment with different combinations to find the most efficient schedule for your needs.

4. Time your cultivation: Coordinate your cultivation with your playtime. Start longer cultivation periods before extended gaming sessions, maximizing the yield per real-time hour.

5. Utilize the Botanical Research Center: Invest in the upgrades and enhancements for the Botanical Research Center. These upgrades will increase the Harvest Box’s storage capacity, allowing you to cultivate and store more items.

By implementing these resource management strategies, you can efficiently utilize your Harvest Box and ensure a bountiful supply of valuable resources throughout your Monster Hunter World journey.

Advanced Strategies To Optimize Your Harvest Box In MHW

In Monster Hunter World (MHW), optimizing your Harvest Box is crucial for efficient resource management, allowing you to gather more materials and maintain a bountiful inventory. Here are some advanced strategies to take your Harvest Box to the next level.

1. Utilize item loadouts: Create specific loadouts for gathering missions, including tools like the Botanical Research Center fertilizer and consumables like the Plunderblade. This way, you can quickly swap between loadouts and get the most out of your Harvest Box.

2. Focus on high-yield plants: Certain plant types, like honey or might seeds, have a higher yield compared to others. Prioritize cultivating these plants to maximize the number of valuable items in your Harvest Box.

3. Optimize fertilizer usage: Experiment with different fertilizers to find the best combination for your desired resources. Some fertilizers can significantly increase the quantity or quality of specific materials, while others may be more effective for certain plants.

4. Use the Argosy: The Argosy is a feature that allows you to send out a trade ship for rare items. By managing and utilizing its services regularly, you can obtain unique materials and expand your Harvest Box.

5. Join other players’ quests: Multiplayer quests often feature more abundant gathering points, providing you with additional resources to fill up your Harvest Box quickly.

By implementing these advanced strategies, you’ll be able to optimize your Harvest Box in MHW, ensuring a steady supply of valuable materials and enhancing your hunting experience.


1. How can I increase the size of my Harvest Box in Monster Hunter: World?

In order to make your Harvest Box bigger, you need to progress through the main story quests and reach the Botanical Research Center in Astera. Complete the required quests to unlock the Center and upgrade it. Once upgraded, you’ll be able to expand your Harvest Box.

2. What are the benefits of having a larger Harvest Box?

A larger Harvest Box allows you to store more items from your botanical research activities. This means you can gather and store a greater variety and quantity of materials, such as herbs, mushrooms, insects, and other resources. Having a larger Harvest Box also reduces the frequency at which you need to empty it, saving you time and effort.

3. Are there any prerequisites to upgrading the Harvest Box?

Yes, there are a few prerequisites before you can upgrade your Harvest Box. First, you need to progress through the main story quests until you reach the Botanical Research Center in Astera. Complete the initial quests there to unlock access to upgrading. Additionally, you’ll need to gather specific materials, such as Research Points and materials obtained from expeditions or hunts, to meet the upgrade requirements.

4. Can I further expand my Harvest Box beyond the initial upgrade?

Yes, it is possible to expand your Harvest Box even further. Once you have unlocked the initial upgrade at the Botanical Research Center, continue progressing through the story and completing related quests. As you advance, you’ll be able to unlock subsequent upgrades that will offer even more storage space in your Harvest Box. Keep an eye out for these opportunities as you play through Monster Hunter: World.


In conclusion, increasing the size of your Harvest Box in Monster Hunter World is a simple yet essential step to ensure you can store an ample amount of important resources. By completing key quests, delivering specific materials, and upgrading the Botanical Research Center, players can gradually expand the capacity of their Harvest Box. By following this quick guide, hunters can efficiently manage their resources, allowing for smoother gameplay and better preparation for challenging hunts.

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