How to Reset My NBN Connection Box: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to reset your NBN connection box. Whether you are experiencing slow internet speeds, connection issues, or simply want to start afresh with your NBN service, resetting your connection box can often be an effective troubleshooting method. By following the instructions outlined in this guide, you will be able to reset your NBN connection box with ease, ensuring a smoother and more reliable internet experience.

Understanding The NBN Connection Box: Components And Functions

The NBN Connection Box is an essential device that connects your home to the National Broadband Network (NBN). It acts as a gateway for your internet connection, allowing you to access high-speed internet. To reset the NBN Connection Box, it is important first to understand its components and functions.

The NBN Connection Box typically consists of several components, including power indicators, connection ports, and reset buttons. The power indicators display the status of the device, indicating whether it is powered on and connected to the network properly. The connection ports allow you to connect your NBN modem and other devices such as telephones or routers. The reset button is used to initiate a reset process when necessary.

The main function of the NBN Connection Box is to convert the signal from your NBN service provider into a format that is compatible with your devices. It also helps to ensure a stable and reliable connection by managing internet traffic and maintaining a secure network.

Understanding the components and functions of the NBN Connection Box is crucial before attempting to reset the device. This knowledge will enable you to perform the reset process correctly and troubleshoot any potential issues that may arise.

Step 1: Powering Off The NBN Connection Box

When it comes to resetting your NBN connection box, the first step is to power it off. Locate the power button on the box and press it to turn off the device. This will initiate the reset process and give you a fresh start.

By powering off the NBN connection box, you allow it to clear any temporary data or settings that may be causing issues with your connection. It’s important to make sure that all devices connected to the NBN modem are turned off as well, including computers, phones, and smart devices.

Taking this step provides a clean slate for your NBN connection, allowing it to establish a new connection with your internet service provider. This can help resolve issues such as slow speeds or connectivity problems.

Once you have powered off the NBN connection box and all associated devices, you can proceed to the next steps of disconnecting the modem and devices, waiting for a few minutes, and ultimately restoring the power to the NBN connection box.

Step 2: Disconnecting The NBN Modem And Devices

Disconnecting the NBN modem and devices is an essential step when resetting your NBN connection box. To ensure a successful reset, follow these steps:

1. Locate the NBN modem and all connected devices. These may include routers, switches, and other network equipment.
2. Power off the NBN modem first. Locate the power cable and unplug it from the power outlet. Wait for the modem lights to turn off completely.
3. Next, disconnect any Ethernet cables connected to the NBN modem. Gently unplug the cables from the modem’s Ethernet ports, ensuring no cables are left connected.
4. If you have additional devices, such as routers or switches, connected to the NBN modem, follow the same process for each device. Unplug their power cables and disconnect any Ethernet cables.
5. Double-check that all devices are completely powered off and disconnected before proceeding.

By disconnecting the NBN modem and other devices, you ensure a clean reset of the NBN connection box, allowing for a fresh start and potentially resolving any connectivity issues you may be experiencing.

Step 3: Waiting For A Few Minutes For The NBN Connection To Reset

When it comes to resetting your NBN connection box, waiting for a few minutes is a crucial step in the process. After powering off the NBN connection box and disconnecting the modem and devices, it is necessary to allow some time for the box to fully reset. This waiting period allows the system to clear any temporary glitches or issues that may have caused the need for a reset in the first place.

During these few minutes, it is important to resist the temptation to rush and immediately power on the NBN connection box again. Patience is key as this brief pause enables the box to fully refresh and establish a new connection with the network.

While waiting, you can utilize this time to check for any physical issues such as loose cables or damaged equipment that could be contributing to the problem. Inspecting the connections and ensuring everything is secure and undamaged will help to further optimize the reset process.

By patiently waiting for a few minutes during the NBN connection reset, you are allowing the system the opportunity to reestablish a clean and fresh connection, increasing the chances of a successful reset.

Step 4: Powering On The NBN Connection Box Again

After waiting for a few minutes for the NBN connection to reset, it is time to power on the NBN Connection Box again. This step is crucial in ensuring that your NBN connection is restored successfully.

To power on the NBN Connection Box, locate the power button or switch on the device. It is typically found on the front or back panel. Press the power button or flip the switch to turn on the NBN Connection Box.

Wait for a few minutes for the device to start up and establish a connection with the NBN network. During this time, you may notice lights blinking on the NBN Connection Box, indicating that it is successfully connecting to the network.

Once the device has powered on, check the lights or indicators to ensure that they are showing a solid or stable connection. If any lights are blinking or indicating an issue, refer to the troubleshooting section of this article for assistance.

By following this step, you have successfully powered on the NBN Connection Box, paving the way for reconnecting your NBN modem and devices in the next step.

Step 5: Reconnecting The NBN Modem And Devices

After waiting for a few minutes for the NBN connection to reset, it’s time to reconnect your NBN modem and devices. Follow these steps:

1. Start by reconnecting the NBN modem to the NBN Connection Box. Plug one end of the ethernet cable into the WAN/LAN port on the modem, and the other end into the corresponding port on the NBN Connection Box.

2. Next, reconnect any other devices that were previously disconnected. This may include your computer, router, or any other devices that require an internet connection.

3. Double-check all the connections to ensure they are secure. Loose connections can cause connectivity issues.

4. Once everything is connected, give it a few moments for the devices to establish a connection. You may notice some lights or indicators on the NBN modem and Connection Box flickering or turning solid, indicating a successful connection.

5. Check your internet connection on one of the devices. Open a web browser and try visiting a website to ensure that the NBN connection has been successfully restored.

By following these steps, you should now have successfully reset your NBN connection and reestablished your internet connectivity. If you encounter any issues, refer to the troubleshooting section for solutions.

Troubleshooting: Common Issues During The NBN Reset Process

During the NBN reset process, you may encounter certain common issues that could hinder the successful reset of your NBN connection box. This section will guide you through these issues and provide troubleshooting steps to help you overcome them.

1. Power supply problems: Ensure that the NBN connection box is receiving a stable power supply. Check the power cable connection and try using a different power socket.

2. Internet connection issues: If your NBN connection box is not connecting to the internet after the reset, check your modem and make sure it is properly configured. Verify that your NBN service is active and contact your service provider if necessary.

3. Slow internet speed: If your internet speed is slower than expected after the reset, check your modem settings and run a speed test to determine the actual speed. If needed, contact your internet service provider for further assistance.

4. Error messages or flashing lights: Pay attention to any error messages or flashing lights on the NBN connection box. Consult the user manual or contact your service provider for specific troubleshooting steps related to the indicated issue.

Remember, if you are unsure about any step or encounter a problem that cannot be resolved through troubleshooting, it is always best to contact your NBN service provider for assistance.

Finalizing The Reset: Verifying The NBN Connection And Testing Internet Connectivity

After completing the previous steps, it is important to finalize the NBN reset by verifying the connection and ensuring internet connectivity is restored. Follow the outlined steps below to complete the process successfully:

1. Check the NBN Connection Box: Ensure all lights on the NBN Connection Box are displaying the appropriate status. The power, internet, and device lights should be solid green, indicating a successful connection.

2. Test your Internet Connection: Connect a device, such as a computer or smartphone, to the NBN modem via an Ethernet cable or through Wi-Fi. Open a web browser and try accessing a website to verify if the internet is working. If it is not, continue troubleshooting.

3. Contact your Service Provider: If the internet is not working after the reset, it may be necessary to contact your NBN service provider for further assistance. They can remotely check the connection and troubleshoot any underlying issues.

Remember that resetting the NBN connection box should only be done when experiencing difficulties with your internet. If problems persist after the reset, it is recommended to seek professional help from your service provider to ensure a smooth connection and uninterrupted internet access.


1. How do I reset my NBN connection box?

To reset your NBN connection box, locate the reset button on the back of the box. Using a small and pointed object like a paperclip, press and hold the reset button for approximately 10 seconds. The lights on the box will start flashing and the box will restart. Wait for a few minutes until all lights stabilize, indicating a successful reset.

2. Will resetting my NBN connection box affect my internet service?

Yes, resetting your NBN connection box will temporarily disrupt your internet service. During the reset process, your internet connection will be unavailable. However, once the reset is complete, your internet service should resume normally. If you continue to experience connectivity issues after the reset, you may need to contact your internet service provider for further assistance.

3. Why would I need to reset my NBN connection box?

Resetting your NBN connection box can help resolve various connectivity issues. If you are experiencing slow internet speeds, intermittent connection dropouts, or any other network-related problems, resetting the connection box is often the first troubleshooting step recommended. It can help clear temporary glitches, refresh the connection, and restore stable internet performance.


In conclusion, resetting the NBN connection box is an essential troubleshooting step that can resolve various issues and ensure a stable internet connection. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, users can easily reset their NBN connection box and restore their internet connectivity. It is important to note that resetting the box should only be done as a last resort, after attempting other troubleshooting methods. With the information provided in this guide, users can confidently navigate through the reset process and enjoy uninterrupted access to high-speed internet.

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