How do Kinsects Work in MHR: A Comprehensive Guide

In Monster Hunter Rise, the Kinsects play a crucial role in assisting hunters during battles with their unique abilities. Acting as an extension of the hunter’s insect glaive, these little creatures can extract elemental essence from monsters, providing buffs and support in various ways. Understanding how Kinsects work and optimizing their usage can greatly enhance your hunting experience. This comprehensive guide will delve into the mechanics behind Kinsects, their types, upgrades, and usage tips to help you make the most out of these invaluable companions in Monster Hunter Rise.

Introduction To Kinsects In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Kinsects in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) are invaluable companions that can greatly enhance a hunter’s abilities in combat. These insectoid creatures are not only skilled at gathering extracts from monsters, but they can also provide additional buffs and support to hunters during hunts. Understanding the basics of kinsects is essential for any aspiring Hunter looking to maximize their potential in the game.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of kinsects and explore the various ways they can aid you in your quest. We will start by introducing the concept of kinsects and their importance in MHR. From there, we will discuss the different types of kinsects available and how they differ from one another.

Additionally, we will delve into the methods of obtaining and upgrading kinsects, as well as the mechanics behind the kinsect gauge and the extracts it provides. Understanding how to control and utilize kinsects effectively in combat is also crucial, so we will cover the control mechanics and controls in detail.

To further enhance the capabilities of your kinsects, we will explore the possibilities of enhancing them with skills and armor sets. Lastly, we will provide advanced strategies and tips to help you become a formidable hunter with your kinsect companion.

Kinsect Types And Their Differences

Kinsects in Monster Hunter Rise come in various types, each with its unique characteristics and playstyles. Understanding these differences is crucial in maximizing the effectiveness of your kinsects during hunts.

There are four main kinsect types: severing, blunt, piercing, and healing. Severing kinsects focus on dealing cutting damage to sever monster body parts, helping to break tough armor or tails. Blunt kinsects excel at stunning monsters by dealing blunt damage, allowing for more opportunities to land powerful attacks. Piercing kinsects specialize in penetrating monster hide, making them ideal for dealing damage to heavily armored foes. Lastly, healing kinsects provide valuable health recovery to both you and your allies, keeping everyone in top shape during intense battles.

Each kinsect type also has unique stats, such as speed, power, and healing potency. Speed affects how quickly your kinsect moves and attacks, power determines its damage output, and healing potency determines the effectiveness of its healing abilities.

By choosing the right kinsect type based on the monster’s weaknesses and tailoring its stats to complement your playstyle, you can optimize your kinsect’s performance and contribute significantly to your team’s success in Monster Hunter Rise.

Obtaining And Upgrading Kinsects

Obtaining and upgrading Kinsects is an essential aspect of enhancing your hunting experience in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). To start the journey of acquiring your own Kinsect, you will need to complete the early village quest, “Bugger Off”. Once you complete this quest, the Smithy in Kamura Village will unlock the ability to forge and upgrade Kinsects.

When it comes to obtaining Kinsects, there are two main ways: crafting and cultivating. Crafting involves creating a Kinsect using materials obtained from the various monsters you encounter during your hunts. On the other hand, cultivating allows you to grow Kinsects by nurturing Kinsect larvae at the Buddy Plaza with the help of Ladybug and Stinkmink.

Upgrading your Kinsects is equally important as it directly affects their stats and abilities. By using different materials, you can enhance specific aspects of your Kinsect such as speed, power, healing, and elemental attributes. It is essential to choose the right upgrades that align with your preferred playstyle.

Don’t forget to regularly visit the Smithy and the Buddy Plaza to check for new crafting options and cultivation opportunities. With persistence and a strategically upgraded Kinsect, you’ll be well-equipped to face the challenging hunts that await you in Monster Hunter Rise.

Understanding The Kinsect Gauge And Extracts

The Kinsect Gauge and Extracts are essential components of effectively utilizing Kinsects in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). In this section, we will delve deeper into understanding how the Kinsect Gauge works and how to utilize Extracts for maximum performance.

The Kinsect Gauge is a bar that appears beneath the Spirit Gauge on the UI. It indicates the stamina of your Kinsect and determines its effectiveness in gathering Extracts. As the Kinsect attacks and strikes the monster, the gauge depletes. Once empty, the Kinsect becomes exhausted and loses its ability to gather Extracts.

Extracts, on the other hand, are obtained by sending the Kinsect to harvest different parts of the monster. There are four types of Extracts: Red, White, Orange, and Green. Each Extract provides specific benefits such as increased attack power, increased speed, extended evasion capabilities, and health regeneration, respectively.

By managing the Kinsect Gauge and gathering desired Extracts, hunters can amplify their combat prowess and exploit the monster’s weaknesses. Understanding how to effectively use Extracts in conjunction with your weapon and playstyle is crucial for mastering the art of using Kinsects in MHR. Keep a close eye on your Kinsect Gauge, strategize your attacks, and harvest the most advantageous Extracts to maximize your hunting efficiency.

Kinsect Control Mechanics And Controls

Kinsects in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) offer players unique control mechanics that allow for strategic gameplay and efficient insect management. Understanding how to control these helpful companions is essential for maximizing their effectiveness in hunts.

To control a Kinsect, players need to first send it out to gather extracts from monsters. This can be done by pressing the designated button for Kinsect deployment. Once deployed, players can command the Kinsect to attack specific body parts of the monster by targeting the desired area and pressing the attack button.

Additionally, players can recall the Kinsect back to their arm by pressing the recall button. This is useful when the Kinsect is low on stamina or for repositioning during combat.

Furthermore, players can aim their Kinsect’s pheromone shots by adjusting the camera angles and using the aiming reticle. These shots not only mark specific body parts but also provide buffs when the Kinsect collects extracts from the marked areas.

Mastering these control mechanics, such as commanding attacks, recalling the Kinsect, and aiming pheromone shots, is essential for effective Kinsect utilization in MHR. Players who can utilize these controls strategically will have a significant advantage when hunting monsters.

Enhancing Kinsects With Skills And Armor Sets

Enhancing your kinsects with appropriate skills and armor sets can greatly improve their performance in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). By leveraging these enhancements, you can make your kinsect more efficient and deadly on the battlefield.

To begin, focus on obtaining armor pieces that provide bonuses to your kinsect’s attack power or speed. These skills will ensure that your kinsect can deal more damage to the target or gather extracts more quickly. Additionally, you may also come across armor sets that have specific bonuses tailored to kinsects. These bonuses can further enhance your kinsect’s capabilities, such as increasing its stamina or improving its extract effectiveness.

Another crucial aspect to consider is the elemental affinity of your kinsect and the armor set you choose. Matching elemental types can provide substantial boosts to damage output. For example, using a fire-type kinsect with an armor set that adds fire damage will make your attacks more potent against monsters weak to fire.

Furthermore, don’t overlook the power of decorations and talismans. These can grant additional skills or enhance existing ones, allowing you to optimize your kinsect’s performance even further. Experiment with different combinations to find the setup that suits your playstyle and objectives.

By incorporating these enhancements into your kinsect build, you’ll be able to unleash its full potential and dominate your hunts in MHR.

Advanced Kinsect Strategies And Tips For Successful Hunts

In this section, we will explore some advanced strategies and tips that will help you maximize the effectiveness of your Kinsect in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). First and foremost, it is crucial to understand your Kinsect’s elemental strengths and weaknesses. Matching the Kinsect’s elemental attack to a monster’s elemental weakness can significantly increase your damage output. Additionally, certain Kinsect types may have specialized abilities that can exploit specific monster weaknesses or offer unique utility during hunts.

Another essential aspect to consider is the Kinsect’s bonus effect. Each Kinsect type offers a different bonus effect, such as increased healing or heightened damage. Understanding these bonus effects and utilizing them strategically can greatly enhance your hunting experience. Additionally, mastering the Kinsect Control Mechanics and Controls mentioned earlier will allow you to unleash the full potential of your Kinsect.

Furthermore, consider Customizing your Kinsect through obtaining and upgrading different Kinsect parts. Experimenting with various combinations can lead to a Kinsect build that complements your playstyle and hunting needs. Lastly, don’t forget to equip Skills and Armor Sets that further enhance your Kinsect’s performance. This combination of equipment and techniques will ensure you are well-prepared for any hunt.

By implementing these advanced strategies and tips, you will become a formidable hunter with an incredibly potent Kinsect by your side. Good luck, and may your hunts be successful!


1. How do Kinsects work in Monster Hunter Rise?

Kinsects are a unique weapon mechanic in Monster Hunter Rise that serves as an extension of the insect glaive. They are small creatures that can be equipped and controlled by hunters, assisting in various ways during combat.

2. What is the purpose of Kinsects in MHR?

The primary purpose of Kinsects is to gather extracts from monsters to empower the hunter. By attacking specific parts of a monster, the Kinsect can extract buffs known as “extracts” which can enhance the hunter’s stats, such as attack power or defense.

3. How do I control my Kinsect?

Controlling a Kinsect involves aiming and commanding it to attack specific parts of a monster. By pressing the designated button, you can send your Kinsect to execute various actions, such as attacking enemy body parts or collecting extracts to improve your hunter’s abilities.

4. How do I upgrade my Kinsect in Monster Hunter Rise?

To upgrade your Kinsect, you need to gather specific materials from monsters and use them in the Smithy. By visiting the Smithy, you can access the Kinsect upgrade menu and choose from various upgrade paths, improving its stats and abilities to better support you in battles.


Overall, understanding how Kinsects work in Monster Hunter Rise is crucial for players looking to excel in their hunting journeys. This comprehensive guide has explored the various aspects of Kinsects, including their types, attributes, upgrade system, and strategies for optimal usage. By harnessing the power of Kinsects and forming a strong bond with them, players can enhance their hunting abilities, take advantage of elemental weaknesses, and master the art of insect glaive usage. With this newfound knowledge, hunters can now confidently navigate the vast world of Monster Hunter Rise and emerge victorious in their battles against formidable creatures.

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