How Do You Get Teostra Gems? A Guide to Obtaining This Rare Monster Hunter World Material

In the vast world of Monster Hunter World, players encounter numerous formidable creatures and face challenging hunts. One such creature is Teostra, a fearsome elder dragon known for its explosive power and fiery demeanor. As players strive to craft powerful weapons and armor, the elusive Teostra Gem becomes a highly sought-after material. This guide aims to shed light on the methods and strategies required to obtain this rare gem, helping players enhance their hunting arsenal and conquer even the most formidable foes.

Understanding Teostra Gems And Their Rarity In Monster Hunter World

Teostra Gems are a highly coveted and rare material in Monster Hunter World. These gems are essential for crafting powerful weapons and armor, making them highly sought after by hunters. Understanding the rarity of Teostra Gems is crucial for optimizing your farming strategy.

Teostra Gems have a low drop rate, meaning they are not easily obtained. They can be obtained by carving the tail of a Teostra after a successful hunt, as a reward for completing investigations, or as a bonus reward in event quests. However, the chances of obtaining a Teostra Gem are quite slim, making them a valuable and elusive resource.

To increase your chances of obtaining Teostra Gems, focus on breaking Teostra’s parts during a hunt. Breaking its horns, wings, and tail has a higher chance of yielding this rare material. Additionally, using a lucky voucher before starting a hunt can boost your chances of receiving Teostra Gems as rewards.

Keep in mind that RNG (random number generator) plays a significant role in obtaining Teostra Gems. It requires patience and a bit of luck. By understanding the rarity of these gems and implementing the right strategies, you can improve your chances of acquiring this prized material.

Investigating Teostra’s Habitats And Conditions For Farming Gems

Teostra Gems are one of the rarest materials to obtain in Monster Hunter World, making them highly sought after by players. To increase your chances of obtaining these valuable gems, it is crucial to thoroughly investigate Teostra’s habitats and understand the conditions required for farming them.

Teostra is typically found in the Elder’s Recess area, specifically in areas with high levels of heat and volcanic activity. These conditions are known to increase the likelihood of Teostra appearing and dropping gems. Therefore, it is advisable to focus your farming efforts in these specific regions.

Additionally, to maximize your chances of obtaining Teostra Gems, it is important to consider factors such as weather conditions, time of day, and Teostra’s level of aggression. Research has shown that Teostra tends to be more active during clear weather and can become more aggressive as the hunt progresses. Taking these factors into account and planning your hunts accordingly can significantly improve your drop rates.

Furthermore, familiarizing yourself with Teostra’s behavioral patterns and attack strategies will allow you to exploit its weaknesses. By targeting vulnerable areas and timing your attacks effectively, you can increase your overall chances of obtaining Teostra Gems. Remember to always prioritize breaking Teostra’s parts, as this also boosts the likelihood of acquiring rare materials.

By thoroughly investigating Teostra’s habitats, understanding the farming conditions, and exploiting its weaknesses, you can greatly enhance your chances of obtaining the elusive Teostra Gems in Monster Hunter World.

Mastering Teostra’s Attack Patterns And Weaknesses To Improve Drop Rates

Teostra Gems are highly sought-after materials in Monster Hunter World due to their rarity and usefulness in crafting powerful equipment. To increase your chances of obtaining these elusive gems, it is essential to master Teostra’s attack patterns and weaknesses.

Teostra is a fierce and aggressive Elder Dragon with devastating fire-based attacks. By understanding its moveset, you can predict its behavior and exploit its vulnerabilities. One of Teostra’s most dangerous attacks is its explosive Supernova, which can wipe out unprepared hunters. However, with proper timing and evasion skills, you can dodge this devastating attack and continue the hunt.

Exploiting Teostra’s elemental weakness can also improve your drop rates for gems. Teostra is weak to water, so using a water-based weapon can deal significant damage and increase the chances of obtaining a gem. Additionally, focusing on breaking Teostra’s head, wings, and tail can further improve your odds.

Furthermore, utilizing armor sets with the Partbreaker skill can increase the likelihood of obtaining gem drops. Partbreaker allows you to break parts of a monster more easily, leading to increased rewards, including Teostra Gems.

By mastering Teostra’s attack patterns, exploiting its elemental weaknesses, and utilizing the right equipment and skills, you can significantly improve your drop rates for Teostra Gems and increase your chances of obtaining this rare Monster Hunter World material.

Optimizing Your Gear And Equipment To Increase Chances Of Obtaining Teostra Gems

To increase your chances of obtaining Teostra Gems in Monster Hunter World, it is crucial to optimize your gear and equipment. Here are some essential tips:

1. Upgrade your Palico Equipment: Your Palico can play a significant role in obtaining Teostra Gems. Equip it with gear that has abilities like Plunderblade or Meowlotov Cocktail, as these can increase the chances of obtaining rare materials.

2. Use the Partbreaker Skill: Breaking specific parts of Teostra’s body can improve the chances of obtaining Gems. The Partbreaker skill, found in armor pieces or decorations, enhances your ability to damage and break monster parts, thus increasing your rewards. Include this skill in your armor set for better chances.

3. Bring the Capture Net: Teostra Gems can also be obtained by capturing the monster. Utilize the Capture Net in your item loadout, along with the required materials for capturing. This method offers an alternative way of acquiring the rare material.

4. Utilize the Kirin Blessing Set Bonus: The Kirin armor set bonus, “Good Luck,” increases the chance of earning bonus rewards at the end of a quest. This bonus can help in obtaining more Gems when fighting Teostra.

Remember to farm Teostra strategically and consistently. Repeat investigations and event quests that feature this monster to maximize your chances of obtaining the elusive Teostra Gems. With the right gear and equipment optimizations, you will increase your odds and bring home these rare materials more frequently.

Exploring Multiplayer Strategies For Hunting Teostra And Obtaining Gems As A Team

Teaming up with other players can be a highly effective way to hunt Teostra and increase your chances of obtaining Gems. Here are some multiplayer strategies that can help you in your quest:

1. Communication is key: Coordinate with your team members and discuss roles and strategies before heading into battle. Assign specific tasks to each player, such as mounting the monster or focusing on breaking specific parts. Staying in constant communication can greatly improve your chances of success.

2. Team composition: Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your team members’ weapons and try to create a well-balanced squad. Having a mix of ranged and melee weapons can help exploit Teostra’s vulnerabilities and increase your chances of obtaining Gems.

3. Status effects and traps: Coordinate the use of status ailments such as paralysis, sleep, or poison, to create openings for massive damage. Traps like shock traps or pitfall traps can also help immobilize Teostra, making it easier to target weak points and increase your chances of getting a Gem.

4. Flinch shots and mounting: Take advantage of flinch shots to stagger Teostra and create opportunities for damage. Additionally, mounting the monster can give your team valuable time to attack and potentially increase your chances of obtaining Gems.

5. Sharing resources: If you have extra Gems or materials from previous hunts, consider sharing them with your team members who are in need. This can create a sense of teamwork and camaraderie, and your teammates may reciprocate the favor in future hunts.

By implementing these multiplayer strategies, you can maximize your chances of obtaining Teostra Gems while enjoying the cooperative nature of Monster Hunter World. Happy hunting!

Unveiling the secrets of Investigations and Event Quests to acquire Teostra Gems

Investigations and Event Quests can be valuable resources for obtaining Teostra Gems in Monster Hunter World. These special quests often have increased drop rates for rare materials, making them ideal for farming gems.

To maximize your chances of obtaining Teostra Gems through Investigations and Event Quests, it’s important to focus on completing objectives and meeting certain conditions. For Investigations, prioritize quests with gold and silver rewards, as these have higher chances of dropping rare materials like gems.

Event Quests, on the other hand, usually have specific objectives or unique conditions that increase the likelihood of acquiring Teostra Gems. These quests often have limited-time availability, so it’s essential to regularly check for new events and participate in them diligently.

Additionally, some Event Quests may require the completion of certain rank or story progressions. Make sure to reach the necessary requirements to access these quests and take full advantage of the increased drop rates they offer.

By exploring and mastering the secrets of Investigations and Event Quests, hunters can significantly improve their chances of obtaining Teostra Gems and enhance their overall farming efficiency.

Utilizing Skills And Buffs To Enhance Drop Rates And Maximize Gem Farming Efficiency

When it comes to obtaining Teostra Gems in Monster Hunter World, utilizing skills and buffs can greatly improve your drop rates and maximize your farming efficiency. There are several skills and buffs that can help you in this regard.

One useful skill is the “Good Luck” skill, which increases the chances of obtaining rare materials. By incorporating armor pieces or decorations with this skill, you can significantly improve your odds of obtaining Teostra Gems.

Additionally, the “Capture Master” skill is another valuable skill to consider. When capturing Teostra instead of slaying it, this skill increases the rewards received, including the chances of obtaining Gems. This can be further enhanced by using traps and tranq bombs effectively during hunts.

Don’t forget about utilizing buffs such as the “Lucky Cat” food skill or utilizing various consumables like the “Lucky Voucher” item. These will provide additional chances of obtaining rare materials, including Teostra Gems.

Furthermore, consider using the “Palico Rally” skill to improve your Palico’s performance during hunts. A stronger Palico can help increase the overall efficiency of your hunts, including drop rates for Teostra Gems.

By incorporating these skills and buffs into your hunting strategy, you can greatly enhance your chances of obtaining Teostra Gems and maximize your overall farming efficiency.


1. How can I increase my chances of obtaining a Teostra Gem in Monster Hunter World?

To improve your odds of getting a Teostra Gem, you should focus on hunting high-rank Teostra monsters. These high-rank versions have a higher drop rate for the gem compared to low-rank ones. Additionally, using equipment with the skill “Good Luck” can further boost your chances.

2. Are there specific quests or investigations that offer a higher chance of obtaining Teostra Gems?

Yes, there are specific quests and investigations that have an increased chance of rewarding you with Teostra Gems. Look out for quests that are high rank or tempered, as they often provide better drop rates for rare materials. Completing investigations with silver or gold rewards also increases your chances of obtaining a Teostra Gem.

3. Can I use any specific crafting recipes to obtain Teostra Gems?

Unfortunately, there are no specific crafting recipes solely dedicated to obtaining Teostra Gems. However, you can utilize the Elder Melder at the Elder’s Recess to meld unwanted materials or decorations into random new ones, which might include a Teostra Gem. Keep in mind, though, that the outcome is not guaranteed, and you may need to try several times.

4. Is there any other method or strategy that can help me acquire a Teostra Gem?

Another strategy to improve your chances of obtaining a Teostra Gem is by breaking certain parts of the Teostra monster during a hunt. Focus your attacks on breaking its horn and severing its tail, as these have a higher chance of yielding rare materials, including the gem. Additionally, consider using equipment or consumables that increase your rewards, such as the Monster Partbreaker skill or the Golden Wyverian Print item.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, obtaining Teostra Gems in Monster Hunter World can be a challenging task due to their rarity. However, by focusing on specific strategies, such as breaking monster parts, carving and capturing, and participating in investigations and event quests, players can increase their chances of obtaining these valuable materials. It is important to be patient and persistent in the hunt for Teostra Gems, as they are essential for crafting powerful weapons and armor.

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