How Many Campsites Are in Monster Hunter World? A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Base in the Game

In the dynamic world of Monster Hunter World, finding the ideal campsite is imperative for any avid hunter looking to establish their base of operations. With numerous campsite options scattered across the expansive landscapes, it can be overwhelming to determine the best location for your hunting endeavors. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the campsites available in Monster Hunter World, ensuring that you can find the perfect base that suits your playstyle and optimizes your hunting strategies.

Understanding The Importance Of Campsites In Monster Hunter World

Campsites play a crucial role in the world of Monster Hunter, providing hunters with a base of operations during their expeditions. Understanding the importance of these campsites is essential for a successful hunting experience.

First and foremost, campsites serve as respawning points for hunters, allowing them to restock on supplies, heal their wounds, and change their equipment. This feature not only saves precious time but also ensures that hunters are always prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

Additionally, campsites act as fast travel points, enabling quick access to different areas within the expansive game world. This proves invaluable when pursuing highly mobile monsters or when seeking out specific resources that may be limited to certain regions.

Furthermore, campsites offer several amenities that aid hunters in their endeavors. These amenities can include cooking stations for crafting meals that provide temporary buffs, storage boxes for managing inventory, and even outdoor training spaces for honing hunting skills.

Overall, understanding the importance of campsites in Monster Hunter World is crucial for optimizing gameplay efficiency, maximizing resources, and ensuring a successful hunting experience. By strategically utilizing campsites, hunters can significantly improve their chances of triumphing over formidable beasts and uncovering the game’s many secrets.

Exploring The Different Types Of Campsites Available In The Game

In Monster Hunter World, there are several types of campsites available for players to choose from. Each campsite has its own unique features and benefits, making it important to understand the differences between them.

Some campsites offer proximity to valuable resources such as mining nodes or fishing spots. These sites are perfect for players who enjoy gathering materials for crafting or enjoy fishing in their downtime. Other campsites may have access to specific endemic life or rare monster spawns, making them ideal for players focused on capturing or hunting specific creatures.

Furthermore, campsites can also vary in terms of their size and layout. Some campsites are more compact, which can be advantageous for players looking for a quick rest or resupply. On the other hand, larger campsites may provide more space for farming resources or setting up traps and gadgets.

Ultimately, understanding the different types of campsites in Monster Hunter World allows players to strategically choose a base that aligns with their playstyle and goals. Whether it’s for gathering resources, hunting specific monsters, or maximizing convenience, selecting the right campsite is a crucial aspect of the game.

Unlocking New Campsites Through Story Progression And Completing Quests

In Monster Hunter World, campsites play a crucial role in your hunting journey. They offer a safe haven for rest, resupply, and preparation for your expeditions. As you progress through the game’s story and complete various quests, new campsites will become available to you, expanding your options and strategic possibilities.

Unlocking new campsites is directly tied to your progression in the game. As you advance through the main story quests and complete specific objectives, you will gradually gain access to previously unrevealed campsites in each map. These new campsites are typically strategically placed in areas with advantageous positions or proximity to important resources.

Completing side quests and optional bounties can also unlock additional campsites. These quests often require you to explore different regions, discover hidden treasures, or eliminate specific monsters. By successfully accomplishing these tasks, you will earn the trust and support of the local communities, who will reward you with access to new campsites.

Keep in mind that unlocking campsites is not only about convenience but also about strategic advantages. Each campsite offers unique features such as access to different gathering points, shortcuts, or vantage points. Therefore, it’s essential to explore the game world thoroughly, complete quests diligently, and progress through the story to unlock new campsites and enhance your hunting experience.

Tips For Finding Hidden Campsites In Each Map

Hidden campsites are a valuable asset in Monster Hunter World as they provide strategic advantages, shortcuts, and accessibility to key areas of the map. Finding these hidden gems can be tricky, but with some tips, you can uncover them to enhance your gameplay experience.

1. Be observant: Pay close attention to your surroundings while exploring the map. Look for any possible paths or openings that could lead to a hidden campsite. Keep an eye out for cracks in walls, hidden entrances, or peculiar rock formations.

2. Follow environmental clues: The developers have cleverly left subtle hints in the environment that can lead you to hidden campsites. Look for things like footprints, foliage patterns, or even unique rock formations that seem out of place. These environmental clues can guide you to hidden areas.

3. Utilize your Palico: Your furry companion, the Palico, can be a valuable asset in finding hidden campsites. They have a knack for discovering hidden paths and entrances that hunters might overlook. Keep an eye on your Palico’s behavior and follow them if they show interest in a particular area.

4. Interact with the environment: Monster Hunter World is filled with interactive elements such as vines, climbable walls, or breakable objects. Experiment with these elements by climbing, destroying, or interacting with them to reveal hidden areas that could potentially hold a campsite.

By following these tips and being diligent in your exploration, you’ll uncover hidden campsites that will greatly enhance your hunting experience in Monster Hunter World.

The Benefits Of Selecting The Ideal Campsite For Your Playstyle

Finding the perfect campsite in Monster Hunter World can significantly enhance your gaming experience and improve your overall gameplay. Your choice of campsite should align with your preferred playstyle, whether it be speedrunning, high-damage output, or focused resource gathering.

By selecting an ideal campsite, you can gain a variety of benefits tailored to your playstyle. For speedrunners, a campsite located near the monster’s starting point can shorten the time it takes to engage in combat. This can give you a competitive edge in completing quests quickly.

Players with a focus on high-damage output may prefer a campsite near environmental hazards or natural traps that can aid in dealing massive damage to monsters. On the other hand, resource gatherers can benefit from campsites near mining nodes or abundant herb and mushroom spawn points.

Additionally, selecting a campsite strategically can contribute to your overall survivability. Placing your campsite near a source of healing items or near a campfire can help replenish health and stamina during intense battles.

Therefore, take the time to consider your playstyle and explore the different campsites available in each map. Selecting the ideal campsite can give you a significant advantage in Monster Hunter World, making your hunting quests more efficient, enjoyable, and successful.

Maximizing Your Resources And Convenience With Strategic Campsite Placements

Strategically placing your campsites in Monster Hunter World can greatly maximize your resources and convenience during hunts. Picking the right location can make all the difference in terms of efficiency and success in the game.

Firstly, consider the resources available in the vicinity of a potential campsite. It is crucial to ensure that your chosen base is near gathering points, such as mining outcrops or herb patches, which will provide you with essential crafting materials and consumables. This will save you precious time and allow you to focus more on hunting monsters.

Additionally, prioritize setting up your campsites near areas that have a variety of monster habitats. This will increase your chances of encountering different types of monsters and gathering materials specific to those species. Having diverse monster encounters also allows you to complete optional quests and investigations efficiently.

Lastly, seek out campsites that are strategically positioned between different zones, reducing the time it takes to travel between areas. This enables you to regroup, restock items, and heal up quickly, without wasting precious minutes traveling across the map.

By carefully considering the resources, monster habitats, and location, you can strategically place your campsites and maximize your resources and convenience in Monster Hunter World.

Customizing Your Campsite For Optimal Hunting And Preparation

When embarking on your hunting adventures in Monster Hunter World, customizing your campsite is an essential aspect that should not be overlooked. By personalizing and optimizing your base, you can greatly enhance your hunting efficiency and preparation.

To begin with, focus on unlocking and purchasing useful facilities for your campsite. These may include the Provisions Stockpile to replenish consumables, the Botanical Research Center to cultivate and gather materials, or the Canteen to provide buffs before quests. By having these facilities readily available, you can save valuable time and resources during your preparation phase.

Next, strategically arrange your equipment and items to suit your playstyle. Consider placing your crafting equipment like the Smithy and item box close to each other for quick weapon and armor upgrades. Organize your item pouch according to your hunting preferences, ensuring easy access to essential consumables such as potions, traps, and antidotes.

Additionally, decorate your campsite with the necessary amenities. Some hunters find it beneficial to install a BBQ Spit for healing through well-done steaks, while others may prefer a botanical garden for cultivating rare materials. The choice is yours, but always prioritize functionality over aesthetics.

By customizing your campsite to meet your specific needs, you can streamline your hunting operations and be better prepared for any encounter that awaits you in Monster Hunter World. Experiment, adapt, and create a base that optimizes your hunting efficiency and maximizes your chances of success.

Exploring The Online Community’s Favorite Campsites And Their Unique Advantages

When it comes to choosing the perfect base in Monster Hunter World, it’s always helpful to get some insights from the online community. There are countless discussions, forums, and social media posts where players share their favorite campsites and the unique advantages they offer.

Some campsites have gained popularity due to their strategic location, allowing for easy access to multiple hunting grounds. These campsites are often atop mountains or near various ecosystems, enabling hunters to quickly switch between different types of quests and monsters.

Other campsites have become fan favorites because of their proximity to unique gathering spots or rare endemic life. These campsites provide hunters with valuable resources and allow them to complete side quests or challenges more efficiently.

Moreover, some campsites offer scenic views, creating a visually pleasing atmosphere while providing a positive hunting experience. They might not have any significant in-game advantages, but they offer a serene escape for players who enjoy the immersion and beauty of the game.

Exploring the online community’s favorite campsites can give players a wealth of information about the advantages and disadvantages of each location, helping them make an informed decision when choosing their ideal base in Monster Hunter World.


1. How many campsites are available in Monster Hunter World?

In Monster Hunter World, there are a total of 12 campsites scattered across the various regions. These campsites serve as your base of operations, providing rest, storage, and the ability to fast travel. Each campsite offers unique advantages and may be situated strategically to aid you in your hunting ventures.

2. How do I unlock new campsites in Monster Hunter World?

To unlock new campsites in Monster Hunter World, you need to progress through the game’s main story quests or complete specific side missions. As you explore the different regions, you will come across opportunities to establish new campsites, unlocking them for future use. Make sure to keep an eye out for quests or events that offer the chance to establish a new base and expand your strategic options.

3. Can I change my campsite location in Monster Hunter World?

Yes, you can change your campsite location in Monster Hunter World. Once you have unlocked multiple campsites, you are free to switch between them at any time during your hunts. This flexibility allows you to adapt your strategy based on the target monster’s location or the specific resources you require for your current quest. To change your campsite, simply open the world map, select the desired campsite, and fast travel to the new location for a seamless transition.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Monster Hunter World offers players a variety of campsites to choose from, each with its own unique advantages and locations. By utilizing the maps provided and exploring the terrain, players can find their perfect base to suit their playstyle and objectives in the game. Whether it’s a secluded spot for solo hunting or a central location for group play, these campsites provide convenience and strategic positioning for successful hunting adventures.

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