Where is the Print Screen Button on Toshiba Laptop: A Quick Guide

If you are a Toshiba laptop user and are looking to take a screenshot or capture an image on your device, you may find yourself wondering where the print screen button is located. While it may seem like a simple task, finding this button can be a challenge for many users, especially if they are not familiar with the layout of Toshiba laptops. In this article, we will provide you with a quick guide to help you locate the print screen button on your Toshiba laptop, ensuring that you can easily capture your screen whenever needed.

Toshiba laptops, like many other laptop brands, have a unique keyboard layout that can vary from model to model. This means that the location of the print screen button may differ depending on the specific Toshiba laptop you are using. However, there are a few common methods that can help you find the button more easily. By following the steps in this guide, you will be able to identify the print screen button on your Toshiba laptop and begin capturing screenshots effortlessly.

Locating The Print Screen Button On A Toshiba Laptop Keyboard

The Print Screen button on a Toshiba laptop keyboard is often marked as “PrtSc” or “PrtScn” and is usually found in the top row of the keyboard, towards the right side. However, the exact placement may vary depending on the specific model of the laptop.

Locating the Print Screen button is relatively easy. Look for a small key that has “PrtSc” or “PrtScn” text written on it. It is commonly placed near other function keys such as “F1,” “F2,” “F3,” and so on. On some Toshiba laptops, the Print Screen key is combined with another function key and needs to be activated by pressing the “Fn” key along with the Print Screen key.

If you are unable to find the Print Screen button on your Toshiba laptop, referring to the laptop’s user manual or searching online for the specific model’s keyboard layout can provide further assistance in locating the key. Once you have located it, you can start using it to capture screenshots on your Toshiba laptop.

Understanding The Function Of The Print Screen Button

The Print Screen button on a Toshiba laptop keyboard serves a unique purpose that many users might not fully understand. When pressed, this button captures an image of the entire screen, including all open windows, menus, and even the taskbar. Unlike other keys, the Print Screen button does not perform any visible action or show immediate results on the screen.

Instead, the captured image is saved to the computer’s clipboard, a temporary storage space for data. From there, users can paste the screenshot into various applications, such as image editing software or document programs, to manipulate, save, or share the captured image.

This functionality makes the Print Screen button an invaluable tool for a range of activities. Whether you are creating tutorials, capturing error messages, or simply sharing interesting content with others, the Print Screen button simplifies the process of taking screenshots on a Toshiba laptop.

By understanding the primary function of the Print Screen button, users can fully utilize its capabilities and enhance their efficiency when working with screenshots on a Toshiba laptop.

Using The Print Screen Button To Capture The Entire Screen

Capturing the entire screen on a Toshiba laptop is a straightforward process that can be accomplished with a single key press. The Print Screen button, often abbreviated as “PrtSc” or “PrtScn,” is located on the upper-right corner of the keyboard, typically beside the Function keys.

To capture the entire screen, press the Print Screen button. You won’t notice any visual indication that the screenshot has been taken, but rest assured, it gets saved to the clipboard. After capturing the screen, you can paste the screenshot into an image editing or word processing application by pressing “Ctrl + V.” From there, you can edit, save, or share the screenshot as required.

It is important to note that using the Print Screen button captures the entire screen, including taskbars, open applications, and other visible elements. If you only want to capture a specific area or window, you can utilize specialized tools or keyboard shortcuts, as discussed in later subheadings, to achieve precise screen captures.

Utilizing Specialized Tools To Capture A Specific Area On The Screen

Capturing a specific area on the screen is an essential task for many users. Thankfully, Toshiba laptops provide valuable specialized tools that can help you capture a specific area effortlessly.

One of the most commonly used tools is the Snipping Tool. You can access it by clicking on the Start menu, typing “Snipping Tool” in the search bar, and selecting the application. The Snipping Tool allows you to capture a specific area by simply selecting the desired region with your mouse. After capturing the section, you can save it as an image file and easily share or use it as needed.

Alternatively, some Toshiba laptops offer another handy tool called “Screen Capture Utility”. This tool provides more advanced features, such as the ability to capture scrolling windows or selected windows. You can find this tool in your laptop’s Toshiba folder or by searching for it in the Start menu.

By utilizing these specialized tools, you can capture specific areas on your Toshiba laptop screen with precision and ease, enhancing your productivity and communication capabilities.

Saving And Accessing The Captured Screenshots On A Toshiba Laptop

After successfully capturing the desired screenshot on your Toshiba laptop, the next step is to save and access it. Here are some easy-to-follow instructions:

1. Saving the screenshot: To save the screenshot, press the “Windows” key and “Print Screen” button simultaneously. The screenshot will be automatically saved in the “Screenshots” folder located in the “Pictures” directory.

2. Accessing the saved screenshots: To access the captured screenshots, open the “File Explorer” by simultaneously pressing the “Windows” key and “E”. In the left sidebar, click on “Pictures” and then navigate to the “Screenshots” folder. Here, you will find all the saved screenshots.

3. Organizing and managing screenshots: To keep your screenshots organized, create subfolders within the “Screenshots” folder. Simply right-click on the folder, select “New,” and choose “Folder.” Rename the folder to your desired name and drag and drop the related screenshots into it.

4. Sharing screenshots: Share screenshots easily by attaching them to emails, uploading them to cloud storage platforms, or pasting them into documents or presentations.

Remember, the Print Screen button functionality may vary slightly depending on your Toshiba laptop model, but these general steps should help you save and access your screenshots effortlessly.

Tips And Troubleshooting For Print Screen Button-Related Issues On Toshiba Laptops

If you are experiencing any issues with your Print Screen button on your Toshiba laptop, here are some tips and troubleshooting steps to help you resolve them.

1. Check the keyboard layout:
Ensure that you are pressing the correct key on your specific laptop model. Some Toshiba laptops may have variations in keyboard layouts, so double-check the location of the Print Screen button.

2. Press the Fn key:
On some Toshiba laptops, you might need to press the Fn key along with the Print Screen button to capture the screen. Try using the combination of Fn+Print Screen and see if it works.

3. Update your keyboard driver:
Outdated or incompatible keyboard drivers can cause issues with the Print Screen button. Visit the Toshiba support website, enter your laptop model, and download the latest keyboard driver applicable to your operating system.

4. Use an alternative method:
If the Print Screen button still doesn’t work, you can try using alternative methods to capture screenshots. Windows operating systems offer built-in tools like the Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch, which can capture specific areas or even record screen activity.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to resolve any Print Screen button-related issues on your Toshiba laptop and continue capturing screenshots effortlessly.


1. Where can I find the Print Screen button on my Toshiba laptop?

Finding the Print Screen button on your Toshiba laptop is easy. It is usually located on the top row of the keyboard, just above the Backspace key. Look for a key labeled “PrtSc” or “Print Screen.”

2. What does the Print Screen button do on a Toshiba laptop?

The Print Screen button captures a screenshot of your entire screen and saves it to the clipboard. You can then paste the screenshot into an image editing software, email, or any other application that supports image pasting.

3. How do I take a screenshot using the Print Screen button on a Toshiba laptop?

To capture a screenshot using the Print Screen button, press the “PrtSc” or “Print Screen” key. The screenshot will be saved to the clipboard. You can then open an image editing software like Paint, Word, or Photoshop, and press Ctrl+V to paste the screenshot.

4. Is there an alternative method to taking a screenshot on a Toshiba laptop?

Yes, besides the Print Screen button, you can also use the Alt+PrtSc combination to capture a screenshot of the active window instead of the entire screen. This can be useful when you only need to capture a specific window or application.

5. My Toshiba laptop doesn’t have a Print Screen button. How can I take screenshots?

In some Toshiba laptop models, the Print Screen button may be absent. In such cases, you can use the Windows Snipping Tool, which is a built-in screenshot tool. Simply search for “Snipping Tool” in the Windows search bar and follow the instructions to capture a screenshot.


In conclusion, finding the Print Screen button on a Toshiba laptop can be a bit challenging for users who are unfamiliar with the layout of their keyboard. However, this quick guide aims to assist users in locating the button easily. By following the instructions provided, users can successfully capture screenshots of their screen and save them as images for various purposes. It is important to note that the Print Screen function may vary slightly depending on the model and version of the Toshiba laptop, so users may need to refer to the user manual or online resources for further assistance in case of any difficulties.

Overall, understanding the location and functionality of the Print Screen button on a Toshiba laptop is essential for users who frequently need to capture and save screenshots. With this knowledge, users can navigate their laptop’s keyboard confidently and efficiently. By referring to the guide mentioned in this article, users can easily locate the Print Screen button, capture screenshots, and enhance their overall computing experience.

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