Why am I Snapchat Verified? Demystifying the Coveted Blue Tick

In the world of social media, the coveted blue tick has become a symbol of status and influence. On platforms like Snapchat, this verification badge holds a certain allure, leaving many users wondering why they are Snapchat verified and what it truly signifies. This article aims to demystify the blue tick by unraveling the criteria and process behind Snapchat’s verification system, providing a deeper understanding of its significance for individuals and brands alike.

Snapchat verification is not a novel concept; it is a widely recognized symbol on various social media platforms. However, Snapchat’s verification process differs from the others, as it is not solely based on the number of followers or celebrity status. This verification badge is bestowed upon accounts that meet specific criteria, indicating that the account is an authentic representation of a public figure, brand, or notable individual. By exploring the intricacies of this verification system, we hope to shed light on why some accounts receive the blue tick while others do not, dispelling any misconceptions and illuminating the significance it holds in the realm of Snapchat.

What Is The Snapchat Verification Process?

The Snapchat verification process is the method by which the platform confirms the authenticity and identity of a user or entity. When a user is verified, they receive a blue tick badge next to their username, indicating they are a verified account. This verification badge adds credibility and enhances the user’s online presence.

Snapchat follows a careful vetting process to determine which accounts deserve verification. Initially, the platform prioritized celebrities and public figures, but it has expanded to include a broader range of accounts, such as popular influencers, brands, and creators.

To attain verification, users must provide Snapchat with information proving their identity and legitimacy. This typically involves submitting official identification documents, links to other established social media accounts, and substantial evidence of their influence or impact within their respective field.

Snapchat carefully evaluates each verification request, considering factors like account notability, potential impersonation risk, adherence to community guidelines, and general popularity. The specific criteria for verification may differ depending on the nature of the account, but the process aims to ensure that authenticated accounts receive the recognition they deserve while deterring impostors.

Criteria For Getting Verified On Snapchat

Getting verified on Snapchat is not an easy task. The platform has set certain criteria that need to be met in order to be considered for verification. Firstly, you must be a public figure, celebrity, or a well-known brand. Snapchat verifies accounts that have a high likelihood of being impersonated.

Secondly, your account must be authentic and represent your real self or your brand. Snapchat wants to ensure that the verified accounts are legitimate and not fake profiles. It is important to have a strong online presence and be active on other social media platforms as well.

Thirdly, you need to have a significant following on Snapchat. While there is no specific number mentioned by Snapchat, it is believed that having thousands or millions of followers greatly increases your chances of getting verified.

Lastly, Snapchat also looks for accounts that have a positive impact and engage with their audience. This means creating interesting and engaging content, actively interacting with your followers, and leveraging Snapchat’s features effectively.

Meeting these criteria is crucial if you want to get that coveted blue tick on Snapchat. It proves your authenticity and boosts your credibility on the platform.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting The Blue Tick

In this section, we will explore various strategies and tips to enhance your chances of obtaining the coveted blue tick on Snapchat.

Snapchat verification is primarily based on the user’s authenticity, influence, and reach. To increase your chances of getting verified, it is crucial to prioritize building a strong presence and following on the platform. Consistently creating engaging content that aligns with your target audience’s interests can help attract more followers and potentially gain Snapchat’s attention.

Another important aspect is to actively engage with your audience. Responding to messages and comments, hosting conversations through Snapchat’s features, and collaborating with other verified accounts can help increase your visibility and improve your chances of getting noticed by Snapchat.

It is also recommended to cross-promote your Snapchat account on other social media platforms. By sharing your Snapchat username or Snapcode, you can generate more traffic and followers, demonstrating your influence and importance in your respective field.

Lastly, staying active on Snapchat and utilizing its latest features, such as Snap Map, Stories, and Discover, can also contribute to your chances of getting verified.

By implementing these strategies and consistently working towards building an authentic and engaged following, you can enhance your likelihood of receiving the coveted blue tick on Snapchat.


Common misconceptions about Snapchat verification

Many Snapchat users have several misconceptions about the elusive blue tick and what it signifies. Here, we debunk some of the common myths surrounding Snapchat verification:

1. “Being Snapchat verified means you are famous”: Contrary to popular belief, Snapchat verification is not solely reserved for celebrities or public figures. While many high-profile individuals are verified, ordinary users can also obtain the blue tick if they meet the criteria.

2. “Snapchat verification guarantees account security”: Having a verified account does not make it immune to hacking or compromise. Verification solely confirms the authenticity of the account, not its invulnerability to security threats. Users must remain vigilant and implement robust security measures.

3. “Once verified, you can never lose the blue tick”: Snapchat continuously monitors verified accounts to ensure they adhere to its guidelines. If an account violates community standards or engages in harmful behavior, it can lose its verification badge. Maintaining a positive and authentic presence is crucial to retaining the blue tick.

4. “Being verified makes you more popular”: While verification can enhance an account’s credibility, it does not guarantee popularity. Building a strong following and engaging with your audience is essential irrespective of verification status. Verifiable or not, content quality and user interaction remain paramount for success on Snapchat.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Being Snapchat Verified

Being Snapchat verified comes with several benefits and drawbacks that users should be aware of. The verification badge, represented by the coveted blue tick, grants credibility and authenticity to your Snapchat account. Here are some advantages:

1. Enhanced credibility: Being verified on Snapchat instills a sense of trust and legitimacy in your followers. It confirms that your account is genuine and owned by the person or entity it claims to be.

2. Increased visibility: Snapchat verified accounts have a higher chance of being discovered and featured in search results, Explore section, or in the suggested accounts for users to follow. This can significantly boost your visibility and attract new followers.

3. Access to exclusive features: Verified accounts often gain access to special features and tools that regular users don’t have. This may include custom filters, geotags, or even advanced analytics to track engagement and reach.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider:

1. Increased pressure: With the verification badge comes higher expectations from your followers and Snapchat itself. Users might anticipate regular and quality content from you, which can put additional pressure on maintaining your account.

2. Potential misuse: Verified accounts can become targets for impersonators or hackers due to their credibility and popularity. You need to be cautious about securing your account to prevent any unauthorized access or misuse.

In conclusion, while being Snapchat verified has its advantages like credibility, visibility, and access to exclusive features, it also comes with increased pressure and potential risks. It is essential to weigh these pros and cons before striving to obtain the blue tick. Remember, verification isn’t the only measure of success on Snapchat; it’s the quality and relevance of your content that truly matters.

What To Do If You’re Not Snapchat Verified

If you find yourself not yet Snapchat verified, there are still steps you can take to increase your chances in the future. Firstly, ensure that you meet the criteria set by Snapchat for verification. Focus on building your online presence and creating engaging content that resonates with your audience. It is crucial to establish yourself as an influential figure within your niche through consistent and high-quality posts.

Collaborating with other verified accounts or influencers can also help you gain visibility and credibility, as it increases your chances of being noticed by Snapchat. Additionally, actively engage with your followers and respond to their comments and messages. Building a genuine connection with your audience can significantly improve your chances of being verified.

If despite your efforts you still don’t get verified, don’t give up. Continually work on improving your content and stay active on the platform. Remember, verification is just one aspect of success on social media, and there are various other opportunities for growth and recognition. Keep experimenting, learning, and adapting your strategies, and with persistence, your efforts will pay off.


1. Why am I Snapchat Verified and what does it mean?

Being Snapchat Verified means that your account is recognized as authentic and trustworthy by Snapchat. The blue tick badge confirms your identity and distinguishes you from impersonators or fake accounts.

2. How can I get verified on Snapchat?

Snapchat’s verification process is exclusive and not open to the public. The platform carefully selects accounts that are of public interest, such as celebrities, public figures, famous brands, or influencers. Unfortunately, regular users cannot apply for verification on Snapchat.

3. Does having a large following guarantee verification?

Although having a substantial following may increase your chances of getting verified on other social media platforms, it does not guarantee verification on Snapchat. The decision to verify an account is based on several criteria, including public interest, authenticity, and potential risk of being impersonated.

4. Can I lose my Snapchat verification?

Yes, Snapchat reserves the right to remove your verification badge if you violate their terms of service or engage in any fraudulent or deceptive activities. Maintaining a positive and authentic presence on the platform is crucial to keeping your verification.

5. Is there any way to request verification on Snapchat?

As of now, Snapchat does not provide a formal way to request verification for regular users. The verification process is curated by Snapchat’s internal team, and they decide which accounts meet their criteria for verification.

Final Words

In conclusion, the Snapchat verification system plays a crucial role in ensuring the authenticity and credibility of public figures on the platform. The coveted blue tick distinguishes individuals who have achieved a significant following and have a genuine presence in the industry. It provides users with a sense of trust and confidence in the accounts they choose to follow, safeguarding them from impersonators and fraudulent activities. Therefore, Snapchat’s verification process serves as a valuable tool in maintaining a secure and reliable community for both content creators and their followers.

However, it is essential to note that obtaining the Snapchat verification badge requires more than just fame or popularity. The platform carefully scrutinizes applicants, examining factors such as brand identity, industry relevance, and public interest. The verification process is highly selective and exclusive, ensuring that only the most deserving individuals receive the blue tick. By demystifying this coveted symbol, Snapchat reinforces its commitment to maintaining a genuine and credible community, fostering trust and enhancing user experience on the platform.

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